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      BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR     Movie LabEditor Review

BSR Screen Recorder 4 BSR Studios


BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab  is a great video capture software.  It will do everything you want, from capturing a straight picture to video streams and everything in between.  This software has auto pan recording, which records where the mouse is.  Zoom-in and zoom-out when recording and subtitles and annotations can be recorded into the video as simple as 1.2.3. 




BSR Screen Recorder 4 Movie Studio Video 


You can even draw on the screen with different colours whilst recording.  The list of features with BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab  is impressive.  BSR can record transparent/layered windows, with this software the only thing that will hold you back is your imagination, you can do almost anything with this software. 



BSR Screen Recorder 4 Other Settings Page


Save videos as AVI, SWF and WMV.  Set up video presentations or tutorials.  The BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab also includes Movie and Photo Studios, which enable you to merge two videos, cut portions from video, grab pictures from video, add audio and has many more editing options available.



BSR Screen Recorder 4 Record Options




BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab is an easy to learn powerful screen capturing software with all the bells and whistle.  This software I believe is right up there with Snagit.  BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab can be downloaded for FREE with no time limit.  So you can take your time to see if this software is right for you.  There is a catch, the video and pictures have been watermarked with BSR on them until you pay for it, then the watermarks will disappear.  Now for the price, for one users licence it is 89.95 USD .




BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab Benefits






BSR Screen Recorder 4 To Do

Records anything you see on your screen
You can select any portion of the screen or the entire desktop for recording.
BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab  Records as AVI, SWF and WMV.
Save videos as AVI (Standard Video Format), SWF (Flash Movie File) and WMV (Windows Media Video File) .
Includes Converter
Convert recorded AVI files to SWF and WMV.
Prepare tutorials, presentations
Prepare software demos, video presentations or tutorials. Produce/convert videos for video sharing web sites such as YouTube etc.

BSR Screen Recorder 4 Configuration Screen Tab

Webcam recording

You can record your webcam sessions.


Video stream recording

Video Streams can be recorded more effective with Watch It mode activated. Watch it mode watches the stream and automatically pauses recording when it freezes and continues when stream continues.


Auto pan recording

Records whereever the mouse cursor moves to.


BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab   Records what you hear from your speaker
If your sound card supports it, you can record whatever you hear from your speakers.


BSR Screen Recorder 4 Hot Key sGeneral

Record audio from microphone, line-In, CD etc.

Records audio from various audio sources.


Record mouse click sounds, keystroke sounds.

You can record mouse click sounds and keystroke sounds into your video.


Full video compression settings

You can select any codec installed in your computer for recording. You can set the quality of the recordings, key frame rates etc. DivX and Xvid compatible.


Custom mouse cursor selection
System mouse cursor icon or a custom cursor icon can be recorded for mouse cursor movements.


BSR Screen Recorder 4 File Settings

Record mouse click displays
Left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings.
BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab Zooms-in and zooms-out during recording
Zooms in to any portion of the screen while recording.
3D Zooming
You can toggle between 2D and 3D zooming during recording.
Draw to screen during recording
Draw to the screen with different colors while recording.


BSR Screen Recorder 4 Main Interface

Record date & time diplays on your video
Current date and time can be recorded on your video while recording.
Record subtitles, annotations
Subtitles and annotations can be recorded into the video.
Record your watermark
Record any picture file you will select as watermark anywhere on your video and set its transparency as you like.
Define hotkeys for 'Record', 'Stop', 'Pause', Zoom In & Out, Pan Selected Region, Take Picture etc.

Hotkeys can be defined.


 BSR Screen Recorder 4 Mouse Audio Options

Multi-file recording
When video files size exceeds a specified size, the program automatically starts to record to a new file. (This is very useful if you record for long hours)
Starts and stops recording at times set by user
You can set the screen recorder to start and/or stop recording at certain times.
Powerful and easy to use interface
Tooltip balloons show beginners how to start and complete a recording.
BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab  Built-in advisor for reducing video file size

BSR's advisor tries to optimize your settings for reducing the video file size.


 BSR Screen Recorder 4 Mouse Cursor Settings


Configuration Wizard
Includes configuration wizard which helps user to configure BSR easily.
Capture transparent/layered windows
BSR can record transparent/layered windows.
BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab includes Movie and Photo Studios To :
  • Cut Portions From Video
  • Grab Pictures From Video
  • Extract Sound From Video
  • Merge Two Videos
  • Add/Mix/Append Audio Into Videos
  • Create Video From Picture Files
  • Synchronize Video and Audio
  • Resample Video (Change its speed, compress with another codec)
Audio Synchronization
Three levels of audio synchronization options.



BSR Screen Recorder 4 Movie Studio Join Two Videos

Capture Performance Reporting
Reports the performance of last recording.
Custom Temporary and Photos Folder
User can set custom temporary and photos directory for BSR to use.
Manual recording
Smooth capture and sharp capture modes


BSR Screen Recorder Key Features


BSR Screen Recorder 4 To Record

  • Captures screen actions as video (as standard Windows video file : AVI files, Flash movie file : SWF and Windows Media Video : WMV) and pictures
  • Select any portion of the screen for recording (Full Desktop, A Window, A Region, Picture In Picture , Auto-pan)
  • Use WATCHIT Mode for WEBCAM RECORDING & VIDEO STREAM RECORDING on the internet. This provides an optimized auto-capture recording. Automatically pauses recording when the video stream is frozen and starts again automatically due to changes in the video stream.
  • Record audio from your microphone, speakers, CD Audio, MIDI etc. into your movie or add sound into video from a sound file
  • Record Subtitles while recording your video
  • Use Photo Studio to view captured pictures and to create movies of them


BSR Screen Recorder 4 Video Options

 Use MOVIE STUDIO (included in Screen Recorder) to

  • Add/Mix/Append Audio Into Video
  • Cut Portions From Video
  • Grab Pictures From Video
  • Extract Sound From Video
  • Merge Videos
  • Pictures To Video - Create Video From Picture Files
  • Synchronize Video and Audio
  • Resample Video (Change its speed, compress with another codec)




  • DivX and Xvid compatible
  • You can choose different codecs (compressors) to record your video. You can choose any codec available in your computer. Change compression options such as quality, key frame rate etc.
  • Define hotkeys for 'Record', 'Stop', 'Pause', 'Zoom In', 'Zoom Out', 'Pan Region', 'Show Volume Meter and Control during recording', 'Take Picture' and 'Show Markers'
  • Use Multi File Recording Function (records to a new file when exceeds a specified file size)
  • Get advise from Screen Recorder for decreasing video file size
  • Manual Recording Button provides an easy manual screen recording. Records while you keep pressed the manual record button. Pauses when you release it and continues when pressed again.
  • Zoom in zoom out while recording
  • 2D and 3D zoom
  • Auto-pan function
  • Custom watermark recording
  • Display of file size during recording
  • Capture speed configuration. Wide range of capture speed setting For example from 30 frames per second to 1 frame per 2 hours. This feature may be used to capture a security cam video at a speed of 2 frames per 1 minute for instance.
  • Auto configuration of playback speed

    BSR Screen Recorder 4 Audio Options

  • Size configuration
  • Mouse cursor recording
  • Custom mouse cursor selection
  • Mouse cursor highlighting
  • Records mouse click displays
  • Keystroke display recording
  • Keystroke sound recording
  • Display date and time on your video
  • Audio quality settings
  • Subtitle text settings
  • You can set Screen Recorder to work completely invisible
  • Run BSR in system tray
  • Run BSR at corner
  • Fold BSR in order to make it occupy less space on screen to provide you a large area of recording

    BSR Screen Recorder 4 Audio Settings

  • File size limit feature
  • Can start recording at a specified time
  • You can set it to record until a specified time
  • Define hotkey for 'Take Picture'
  • Configuration wizard
  • Custom temporary and photos folders selection
  • Restore defaults
  • Interleave option for audio
  • Additional functions for audio synchronization
  • Capture perfomance reporting
  • Video and picture capture mode settings for drawing type (such as smooth capture mode, sharp capture mode)
  • Starting BSR with another Windows user account's rights (except on Vista).

    BSR MOVIE LAB Features

    BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab is an AVI editor which mainly designed for editing screen recording videos. However it can also be used for other externally recorded AVI files when compatible with the codecs.


    Movie Lab Main Screen


    Project file is created by adding various objects into the opened video. These objects are textboxes, pictures from picture files (jpg, gif, bmp etc), AVI files, arrows, callouts, transitions, effects, mirrors of any part of the video, JumpTo object to skip any part of the video, speed object to slow down or speed up any part of the video and highlights. Every object added to the project is shown in the grid window. Each kind of object has a different color. Their durations, start & end points can be edited in this window. Textboxes, pictures, AVIs, arrows, callouts, mirrors have a transparency property. Whole video or any single frame can be previewed.


    Movie Lab Main Screen Properties


    BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab 'Make Movie' option will create a new AVI file by adding the objects in the project file to the video. Movie can be created in a custom dimension, speed, and with a custom codec selected among the ones installed in your computer. BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab can also be used to reconstruct any AVI to a selected fps amount between 1 to 30. Reconstructs file by adding new frames or removing existing ones. BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab for example when converting 30 fps to 15 fps, it removes one frame from every two. Or when converting 15 fps to 30 fps, it duplicates each frame.


    Movie Lab Processing Video


    More Screenshots of BSR Screen Recorder 4 with BSR Movie Lab  

    Movie Lab Transitions Wave In and OutMovie Lab Transitions Bend In and Out

    Transitions Wave In Out      Transitions Bend In/Out


    Movie Lab Arrow Text ObjectMovie Lab Video In Video

     Arrow+Text Object               Video In Video


    Movie Lab Effects Rouned MosaicMovie Lab Effects Grayscale

    Effects Rouned Mosaic              Effects Grayscale



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