Video software overview

All of the videos on this video software overview page are SWF flash format. I could have used FLV as well, There was no reason I choose SWF over FLV.

If you do not have or you want to have the latest version of Adobe flash player click here for a free copy.

The videos on this site are all around 20min to 25min and are best viewed in full screen.

When showing you software that plays music or sound it may not play very load when you watching the video besides my voice. One of the software packages are Rockit Pro DJ you can hardly here the music. The reason for that is the mic is not close to the speaker as I am wearing it.

I hope you enjoy the videos and if you have any comments good or bad please use the contact us page thank you.

Click here to see a video overview of Rockit Pro DJ.

To see a video overview of Snagit 9 click here.

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