Webinaria software


• Webinaria software create Flash (AVI to FLV) recordings of your desktop

• record voice commentary or with your presentation or demo

• save/edit your recordings to add voice, webcam or text


• increases sales conversion rates by 3 to 4 times with video

• reduce technical support costs with animated tutorials

• generate sales and links by hosting your video on our website

Webenaria Recorder Main Screen

Tips for Creating an Effective Screencast

1. Limit your screencasts to 3 to 5 minutes maximum on a focussed topic. Break up into multiple short segments if necessary, but don't ramble.

2. Enlarge your mouse pointer and close all other extraneous windows/programs to clean up your desktop. If capturing a web page, remove extra toolbars/menus from your browser (View/Toolbars with Firefox for example).

3. If demoing a desktop application, use a free program such as Sizer to resize your window to the same resolution as is set in Webinaria Recorder (800x600 is recommended, or 640x480 for better resolution and lower file size).

4. Plan what you are going to say and do a number of trial runs before starting to record.

5. If your AVI or FLV file size is too large for publishing, then reduce your Frame rate setting (defaults to 5 frames per second) in Webinaria Recorder, or the Bit rate setting in Webinaria Editor.

Webinar Software Editor

System requirements:

Windows 98/2000/XP/Me/2003/NT/Vista operating systems- Includes an instant uninstall function

- Program contains NO SPYWARE or ADWARE or WATERMARK

- Will not slow down your computer

Webinaria Recorder Options

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