Have you watched professional software training tutorial videos and wondered how they made it? CamVerce can help Create professional looking multimedia presentations, interactive tutorials and training videos, video lectures or even record a video playing on your computer screen. You don’t need multiple applications to do all of that, you only need Cam Verce.

CamVerce Applications quick features:


Cam Verce Launcher makes it easier to switch between applications. You can run all CamVerce applications from one window.

(Not available in Cam Verce Lite version)


Cam Verce Recorder doesn’t just record screen but also allows you to draw on screen while you’re recording. Recording Wizards will guide you whatever you want to record.


You can add callouts, images and audio to your project. Its intuitive frame editing and interactive feature will shine your project even more.

(Not available in Cam Verce Lite version)


You need to export to multiple formats? You can export to 11 different file formats including AVI, SWF, DOC and PPT.


It allows you to play interactive enabled files you exported.

Recording modes:

Full screen, custom size, window frame, slide recording and video recording. You can switch back and forth between these recording modes with a click of mouse.

Recording Wizard:

If you're trying Cam Verce for the first time, try Recording Wizards. The wizards will guide you through 3 easy steps to record whatever you want to record.

Interactive feature:

You want your viewer's attention? Why don't you make your viewers participate with the tutorials or presentation you made?

Easy object and frame editing:

Made mistake while recording? You can always cut, copy, paste of extend frames. There is no mistake in CamVerce. You can also move objects you added between frames and that won't even take one full mouse click. Not to mention that the narration is re-recordable.

11 file formats:

You can convert your project into 11 different file formats and they are EMX, EXE, SWF, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, RM, HTML, DOC and PPT.

The differences between liteCam and CamVerce

Both liteCam and CamVerce do record computer screen, however they are very different in functionality and usability.

liteCam is optimized to record video screen which requires higher frame rates (frames per second) than recording desktop activities. liteCam only saves it to AVI file format which cannot be edited using liteCam. You need 3rd party video editing software to edit the video you recorded.

CamVerce was developed to create tutorial, presentation and training videos. CamVerce has 4 applications: Launcher, Recorder, Studio, Player and Converter and these will allow you to record, edit, convert and play the recorded video.

Even though CamVerce has video recording feature, liteCam offers higher quality video recording

The limitations for SWF file format are:

- Maximum number of frames: 16000

- Maximum number of layers: 16000

- Maximum number of symbols: 16000

- Maximum number of movie clips: 16000

- Mouse right click can’t be used

- A Combination of two keys can’t be used for keyboard shortcut. Alt key can’t be used. Shortcut keys already taken by Internet Explorer can’t be used.

Please refer to this page for more detail:

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