CyberLink PowerCinema watch,record high-definition digital TV the PC

CyberLink PowerCinema 6 is an all-in-one digital media center, delivering a complete entertainment solution for the digital home. Compatible with USB and PCI TV tuner cards, CyberLink PowerCinema lets you watch and record high-definition digital TV on your PC. A redesigned interface makes it convenient to quickly access your favorite media, including music, videos, photos, and DVDs. PowerCinema is also perfect for portable TV and digital entertainment, transforming a notebook into an on-the-go media center.

Enjoy DVDs & High-Definition TV on the PC

CyberLink PowerCinema 6 gives you total control over your home entertainment. Schedule, record and watch your favorite television programs anytime you want in high-definition without missing a single episode.

PowerCinema 6 offers high quality home entertainment with leading video & audio technologyWatch your DVDs in crystal-clear images with CyberLink PowerCinema 6 cutting edge DVD player technology and immerse yourself in crisp surround sounds the whole family can enjoy.

DVD Movies

With CyberLink's advanced DVD player technology PowerCinema 6 ensures that you experience the best movie playback with multiple subtitle support all at your control. PowerCinema supports DVD, SVCD, and VCD disc formats.

* Native widescreen - Play all your movies in widescreen.

* CyberLink TrueTheaterâ„¢ technology - Take your home entertainment system to the next level by enchancing your audio and video playback quality.

* Dolby Digital - Enjoy rich sound with up to 7.1-channel audio.

TV - Schedule, Record, and Watch

PowerCinema 6 puts you in complete control for your TV entertainment. With our new and improved interface you can easily surf, record and watch TV either via remote control or a mouse and keyboard. You can also access FM radio with CyberLink's TV tuner card's built-in radio receiver.

The latest features:

* Watch TV programs in high-definition and H.264 videos

* Enable your PC to watch TV and listen to radio

* Record your favorite TV shows automatically via EPG

* Switch TV channels faster

* Search for recorded programs on your computer

* Output to widescreen TVs and monitors

* Experience virtual surround effects for TV and radio

Live TV Playback and Recording

PowerCinema's Time-Shifting playback feature gives you the freedom to shift out of "real time", so you can play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind while watching live television. PowerCinema keeps thirty minutes of program content in memory during live streaming.

PowerCinema 6 also allows you to record your favorite programs onto your hard drive so you can go back and enjoy them again at anytime.

The latest feature:

* Switch subtitle and audio languages anytime while Time-Shifting

* Switch subtitle and audio languages while watching recorded programs

TV Scheduling

PowerCinema lets you check for program information via Internet and Teletext-based Electronic Program Guides (EPGs). You can then set your programs to be recorded according to the EPG schedule. PowerCinema supports up to 99 preset recording times and saves directly to your hard drive.

PowerCinema supports major EPG services including Titan TV in the United States, GIST and TVTV in Europe.

TV and Radio Format

* DVB-T/S (TV and Radio)


* DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-T

* FM

* Analog: NTSC, PAL and SECAM

Have Fun Displaying your Videos and Photos

Don't let your videos and photos sit on your hard drive collecting digital dust. With PowerCinema 6 you can easily navigate through your videos and photos using the sleek new interface and share them with your family and friends.

Quickly access your favorite photos with the Star Rating system and dazzle your friends with an instant slideshow using our selection of creative templates.


PowerCinema 6 puts the power to share stunning photos easy with an expanded range of photo features. PowerCinema supports BMP, JPG, and PNG file formats.

* Instant Slideshows - Choose from our selection of styles to display and share your digital photos as a dynamic presentation.

* Quick Preview - Instantly preview all your photos with Smart Thumbnails.

* Remove Photo Red Eyes - Automatically removes unsightly red-eyes.

* Auto Fix - Adjust brightness, contrast, and colors with a few clicks.

* Rotate Photo - Arrange and display photos in the layout you want.

* Save Edit - Save your edited photo files over original copies or as new documents. You can compare the new and original photos before saving.


PowerCinema 6 lets you play a wide range of video file formats, including ASF, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVR-MS, DAT, DVR-MS, AVI, WTV, and MPEG-4 AVC H.264.

* High-Definition Video playback - Play high-definition MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC H.264 and WMV-HD files.

* Quick Preview - Instantly preview snapshots of your videos with Smart Video Thumbnails.

* Video Rating - Rate your videos for faster access.

* Quick Review - Conveniently browse videos that have already been viewed.

Browse, Listen, and Relax to Music & Radio

CyberLink PowerCinema 6 time-shifting technology enables you to record live radio for playback at any time. Rate your music using the Star Rating feature to easily locate your favorite tunes and create a personalized music playlist with all your hot tracks!


PowerCinema 6 turns your PC into a digital jukebox with all your favorite music. CyberLink PowerCinema supports MP3, WMA, and WAV file formats.

Key features:

* Quick Music Search - Locate your favorite music tracks using metadata information.

* Music Playlist - Create a personalized playlist for faster access to your favorite tracks.

* Show Album Art - Displays the available cover art of the music you are listening.

* Music Rating - Rate your music for quicker access.

Radio - Live Radio Playback and Recording

PowerCinema's Time-Shifting playback feature gives you the flexibility to shift out of "real time" so you can play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind while listening to live radio. CyberLink PowerCinema keeps thirty minutes of program content in memory during live streaming.

CyberLink PowerCinema 6 also allows you to record your favorite radio broadcast onto your hard drive so you can go back and enjoy them again at anytime.

Radio Surfing

CyberLink PowerCinema allows the fast selection of radio programs. You can surf between stations one-by-one, or jump to your favorite stations using the following features:

* Channel List Manager - Rename, enable, and disable radio stations so that station surfing becomes easier and faster

* Favorite List Management - List your favorite radio stations to facilitate even easier station surfing.

System Requirements

Operating System

* Microsoft Windows XP (Home edition or Professional edition)

* Microsoft Windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate)

* DirectX 9 or above

* Windows Media Player 9 or above


* Windows-compatible display with at least 1024x768 resolution

Video Display Card

* Intel 965G or higher


* Intel Pentium 4, 2.6 GHz or higher (higher CPU speed will yield higher video quality)


* 1 GB or higher

Hard Disk

* 200 MB of available hard disk space required for installation (500 MB required for running the program, 1 GB of free hard disk space is required for running the TV always time-shifting function)

Audio Card

* DirectX-compatible PCI sound card, USB audio box, or built-in audio device required for audio playback and recording

Optical Device

* DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R/RW, DVD-Dual, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, or DVD Multi-drive with 1394, USB 2.0, ATAPI, SCSI, or Card Bus interface

TV Tuner Card

* Windows-compatible analog tuner cards with a WDM driver or a digital/hybrid tuner card with a BDA driver may also be compatible

Interface for Tuner Card

* USB 2.0 port; PCI card slot

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