Photobucket users keep and manage all their photos, images and videos on the site; they create slideshows and share them by email and on other sites; they send viral photo and video messages; they browse our phenomenal public repository of 5 billion images, photos and videos to find the best user generated content; and they link their content across social networks, blogs, auctions, personal Web pages, instant messages and mobile devices.Photo bucket users are creators, trendsetters and influencers

Photobucket is the Media Hub of Choice

• Over 20 Million monthly uniques in the U.S. and over 39 Million worldwide.

• Top ranked site:

• #1 standalone Photo site in the world.

• #3 in Entertainment Multimedia.

• #29 among every Web domain, U.S.

• Growth purely driven by word-of-mouth.

The Web’s #1 Personal Media Hub

• 6-7 Million images, photos and video uploaded daily.

• Nearly 4 Billion media files served daily.

• More than 1 in 4 people that share photos online use Photobucket.


• 55% under age 34

• 36% age 18-34

• 50% female, 50% male

• Photo bucket users are 92% more likely than total online users to provide frequent advice about electronics

Home Page

Photo bucket has over 143 million visitors a month, all of whom start at the Photo bucket Home page, garnering an average of more than 150 million monthly Home page views.

Custom Slideshows

Photo bucket pioneered the linking of slideshows and other media to online profiles, Web sites and blogs. Photo bucket’s Slideshow creator is a standard feature available to all Photo bucket users, and allows users to enhance their own content with a myriad of seasonal decorations, overlays and advertiser sponsored content/imagery.

Custom slideshows offer a unique way for advertisers to take advantage of the inherently viral nature of Photo bucket’s audience behavior. Custom slideshows are shareable by email, IM or can be embeded onto a Web page, social network profile page or blog. On average, tens of thousands of slideshows are created and viewed by between 7-8 Million people every day.

Custom Albums

For Photo bucket’s millions of users, viewing and sharing public album content is an incredibly popular activity on the site. In fact, 26 million searches are conducted daily within our phenomenal public repository of 5 billion images, photos and videos.

Advertisers can take advantage of this inherent user behavior by offering users access to sharable content in a branded custom album. Custom albums can display brand assets (photos, videos and images) and make them publicly accessible to our users, and to you, for viewing and sharing.

Image Editor

The Image Editor is a brand new, often-requested feature that allows Photo bucket users access to traditional photo editing features (red eye remove, crop, etc.) as well as to add fun effects and graphics to their images.

Custom Photo & Video Remix

All Photobucket users have access to a unique photo and video editing tool on our site called Photobucket Remix. This state-of-the-art online editing tool allows users to mix together images, videos, text and music to create personalized videos. Remixes, like any online video, can then be shared or embedded on Web sites, blogs or online profiles for playback.

When users build and edit a Photo bucket Remix, they enter an environment that is available for complete takeover branding, and includes a unique post-roll video opportunity during the Remix save/publish action.

Bulk Photo & Video Uploader

Photo bucket users upload millions of images and videos to the site every day. Due to the high volume, we built a state-of-the-art Bulk Uploader that allows users to upload multiple pieces of media at one time.

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