Rosoft Media Player

Rosoft Media Player is A true media player since it plays any file as long as you have the right ACM CODEC installed on your computer. Rosoft Media Player uses the MCI interface to decode the files. The Media Player is a program that is easy to use. You can search your entire hard drive for any specific file type. As an example you can search you whole hard drive or CD-ROM for every mp3 files. You can start in any directory and search all sub directories for files of a certain file extension, You can for example load every file on a CD-ROM by selecting the CD-ROM device and search for file extension *.* or *.

Track List

Track list is a list of media files. You can add any type of file but to be able to play the files you need a ACM CODEC installed on your PC to be able to play the files. For example, to be able to play mp3 files you need an ACM CODEC installed that can decode the mp3 format. The Media Player uses the MCI interface for decoding the files. You can edit the ID3 Tag for a specific mp3 file you just double click the file The mark at the left in the list of files shows that this file was played or is playing or paused. If you have random selection chosen the selected files will not be played until all files has been played. When all files has been played all files are unchecked. The path and file name of the media list is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the program.

Pause Delay

This function adds a pause between two tracks when you play a list. The time for the pause is given in hundreds of a seconds For example 180 hsec gives a pause of 3 seconds. You can set the pause delay to zero if you don't want any pause at all. If you play an mp3 list that you want to record on your mini disk it is preferred to set the pause delay so the mini disk can split the track.

Rosoft Media Player, Options Menu

Auto Save

When this option is selected the program saves the media list without any question when you close the program.


Opens the font dialog where you can select font, font style, font color and background color for the text fields.


This opens the Mixer program that comes with Windows. It open with the device you have selected as default for Windows. See the help file for the Mixer program for more information.

Play Order

Sets the order Rosoft Media Player selects next file from the track list. You can chose from random and in order. Random means that the program selects the next file randomly from the files that are unchecked.


Indicates if the track list are to be sorted or not. If this item is selected an unsorted track list will be sorted when it is opened by the program,

A Region

With a region means a set of tracks within the track lists that are selected in a row. The track before the first select track in the region is not selected and the track after the last track in a region is not selected. All tracks in between is selected as in the picture below.

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