WindowClippings is a image capturing software that is easy to use, this software also Send images directly to Paint.NET. A Send To" menu on capture screen to override default actions. Window Clippings has a 30 day money back guarantee to back up there software. With a small cost of $18USD.

Features of Window Clippings

*Send images directly to Paint.NET.

*"Send To" menu on capture screen to override default actions.

*Control the initial selection mode (window or rectangular selection).

*Automatically crop after selecting windows.

*Improved menu and popup capture.

*Performance and usability improvements.

*Include multiple windows in selection (using Ctrl key).

*Launch Options window and capture screen from command line.

*Hide notification icon.

*Convert image to black and white.

*Use keyboard hot key.

*Copy image to clipboard.

*Save image to disk.

*Automatically generate file name from window title.

*Optionally prompt for storage location, file name and image format.

*Send image to OneNote.

*Clear window background (to avoid "dirty" glass on Windows Vista).

*Set background color (when alpha channel cannot be captured).

*Include parent window in capture (using Shift key).

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